Corinthian International Parking Services Inc.

(CIPS) is a full-service parking management company specializing in all aspects of parking and ground transportation. CIPS has been in business since 1989, starting with three employees. Presently, CIPS employs over 400 people from San Jose to Sacramento, with daily operations in various industries. We are a locally owned and operated company headquartered in Campbell, CA.

CIPS is dedicated to the diverse parking needs of garage management, large commercial centers, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, shopping malls, automobile dealerships, and private events. Our firm's extensive background in parking management and ground transportation has allowed us to provide parking solutions for our clients that are tailored to fit their specific needs. Leadership, communication, training, and flexibility are keys to effectively operating a successful parking company such as CIPS.

Some of our Specialty Services are:
Healthcare Construction Valet Parking
Shuttle & Transportation Services
Garage Maintenance
Residential Events
Shopping Centers
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